Life is a journey. A journey full of risks and adventures. To explore, perhaps to venture down paths less traveled by. Along the way memorabilia is collected, as a way to capture and record the experiences.


In our lives, we have collected objects that are distressed, weathered and worn, full of the memories of those that owned them before. These things we find graceful, elegant and beautiful.

In the modern world of disposable items, fads, and five years new, we revel in the old and discarded.

As commercial photographers we recorded images in black and white sepia toned wonder.


As real estate developers we gloried in the joy of reawakening the old dilapidated homes.

Today we create time worn, distressed objects d’art. Handmade frames intended to display the precious pictures capturing your journey’s memories.

Here in our blog, living an art form, we hope to explore with you all of life’s creative possibilities.

Come let us take you hand in hand down this path.


Louise and Daniel


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