“I love walking up and down my stairwell because each time I am walking beside treasured pictures of the generations in my family. The beautifully distressed Obrien Schridde frames capture the timeless essence of their memory.”

Nancy Doyle

(owner of over 30 Obrien Schridde frames)

“I am a very busy homemaker & I live in Hampton, New Hampshire with my husband, 6 year old twins & 9 year old yellow lab. Taking pictures of my twins has always been a favorite hobby of mine & I think the Obrien Schridde frames are the absolute perfect compliment to any photograph; especially photos of children!  I  first discovered your frames a couple of years ago & I’ve been addicted ever since.  They are beautiful, elegant and classy- I love them! When I first put together my stairway gallery I did it with a mixture of styles & colors.  We re-painted our walls about 6 months ago and I decided to stick with just the grey & cream colors (again, with various styles).  We live by the beach and I think these colors have a type of beachy/ocean feel to them.  I’ve filled my frames with a vast array of pictures- my wedding, my husband as a child with his grandmother, my mother & me when I was a baby and of course pictures of my son & daughter from the time they were infants up until present time.  The best thing about your frames is that they are timeless.  I literally have photos that are 38 years old in my gallery and ones that are only a few months old and your frames are perfect for all of them.

Thank you for helping to make my home beautiful!”

Julie Simonds

(owner of over 15 Obrien Schridde Frames)

“Thanks for your help in setting up my collage of frames. It was so nice to be able to purchase all of these frames together instead of hunting all over town for different frames that felt right together. I have been getting such great feedback from everyone who comes over. Let me know when you add more styles to your collection. Thanks for all your help from the printing tips to the style tips.”

Gail Greenwood,

Ocean City, MD

“Oh my gosh, I got my order the other day and finally got around to unpacking it-OMGOSH! These frames are DEEEELISH! I LOVE THEM!”

Terri Lee

“I received my sample frames today – what a stunning way to show off portrait photography! I know my clients will love these frames and I can’t wait to show them off. The workmanship is exquisite – and I love the details – carved scrolls, paint wash and subtle hues – all make for a very elegant product. Thank you for these gorgeous frames and for your excellent customer service.”

Nanine Hartzenbusch

Nanine Hartzenbusch Photography

“I just wanted to thank you for expediting my wholesale account with you and being so great in Fed-exing me my samples overnight. I received everything intact and had a great display. Love the quality of your frames AND your service!”

Susann Saarel

Windows of the Heart Photography

“I so adore your frames. My house is filled with them (26 now in a 2000 square foot home) I have several clients that love them too, a couple are approaching 10 frame themselves.”

Jessi Weithman


“I received my frames in the mail yesterday…and Oh My Gosh!!! They are AMAZING!!! I LOVE THEM!! I will definitely be ordering some more!”

Hollie Houston Morrison

“I just got my order and I’m unbelievably amazed at your work!! These frames are gorgeous! I’m in love with them and cannot wait to put my boys pictures up in them. My clients are going to be in love too!! Thank you! You’ll be seeing many more orders from me!!”

Debbie Harmon,

Debbie Harmon Photography

“Humorously these unique, refined and timeless frames are a family favorite exhibiting our family in each of our homes, my mom’s, sister’s and mine. Homes that have three very distinct interiors from modern to Victorian, residing in three different states, and built in three different centuries. We have displayed these frames in hallways, stairways, and walls by placing them in a row or a college. Each of us have used these versatile and simply elegant frames to express our individual style through the use of one or all the different types of frames, in one or all the colors and /or sizes. These frames are truly adaptable to any space. Most importantly, every morning my son and I enjoy seeing the people closest to our hearts even though they are so very far away. Thank you.”

Hilary Kenny


“I was first introduced to Obrien Schridde Designs almost 8 years ago when my photographer had a display in her shop. I bought all the frames right off her walls! I’ve always enjoyed displaying my family pictures in frames on the table and on the walls. I’m so proud of my family and I truly think it makes them feel home when they see the pictures. When I put the frames over our sofa it became a large piece of art of my family. They got so much attention and I received so many compliments on them. Each frame is beautiful, unique and timeless. I’ve added frames over the years to my own home, given them as Mother’s day, birthday and housewarming gifts (my favorite). We recently moved and my boys just couldn’t adjust to our new house. Louise and Daniel patiently helped with a design to perfectly fit the hallway near their room. It now feels like home to them. Nearly 20 frames later and after receiving many, many emails from the Obrien Schridde family. my home just gets warmer.”

Kerri Scarry,Port Charlotte, Florida

(owner of over 18 Obrien Schridde frames)

“I received my order yesterday! The frames are so beautiful! I am so excited to get prints made and hung in the studio. They are timeless! I love them! I decided that when my husband and I buy our first home that we will need to find a house that fits the frames because I want lots for myself!”

Brittany Parker


“Just received my order this evening and the frames are just FABULOUS! I can’t wait to deliver them to my clients and to hang one for myself! Thanks!”

Ann Shackleton


“Obrien Schridde Designs frames are the most creative frames I’ve come across. If you are looking for creative fun frames for your wedding, child or family pictures you should definitely check them out. Enjoy!”

Emouvoir Photography

“I received my frame order last week and I cannot begin to tell you how much I love them!!! They are exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for designing a superior product. And selling it at a reasonable price!!! When I saw your frames I was blown away. They are the perfect combination of classic, romantic, and vintage I attached pictures of my frames put up!! I am a photographer and purchased the first order for my home to be able to show to my clients. I will be ordering again soon!!!”

Alyson Clemons


“Received my nostalgic frames today! Thank you…I Love Them!”

Amy Cisneros

“I recently purchased a debossed artboard frame by Obrien Schridde Designs. I truly love this beautiful frame and it is like nothing I have ever seen before. The frame alone is gorgeous but also the pictures that they have chosen to fit inside the frame are precious. I then came home and visited their website where I found so many more beautiful items. Those at Obrien Schridde Designs cound not have been more kind and helpful when I emailed them with a question. I would love to do business with them again soon!”

Susan Wittmeier,

Wilmington, NC

“I received the frames today in pristine condition. They are absolutely gorgeous!”

Eleanor Bunter

Australian Photographer

“I recently heard about your frames through a friend’s studio and ordered them immediately. The afternoon the frames arrived I happened to be going to a clients home to help her find places for photos and brought a couple frames along. She loved them! We are doing a whole wall of them in her home! The next morning, I put them on display in the studio and sold six in the first day they were up! Four of them to one client. My clients have been going crazy over them and can’t wait to show them off to new clients. I think they are going to be extremely popular and their price point is excellent. Keep coming up with these fun vintage looking frames!”

Chanel Parrott


“I am all about my O’Brien Schridde Frames!”

Jen Orr Bumstead

“I just received my first order and all I can say is WOW! I own two frames and already knew how wonderful the frames would be, but I had not seen all of the colors and styles in person. I just kept saying “oh my goodness” and “wow” the entire time I was excitedly digging through the box of Styrofoam for the next frame! They are fabulous! I am so excited to give my first customer theirfra me and to showcase my wall collage in my home studio.”

Danielle Lavis

Danielle Lavis Photography

“Daniel and Louise really made our large open white staircase feel more personal and intimate with the arrangement of their frames. It made the sterility of the entryway more interesting! LOVE, LOVE it!!!!!!”

Tracy Rossie, Pacific Palisades, California

(owner of over 15 Obrien Schridde frames)

“I just received my first order of frames and OMG! There are no words to describe how much I love them!! I cannot wait to offer these to all of my clients this coming year! They are so amazing!!!! Thank you!!”


Fresh Snapped Photos

“I just framed all of my little baby girls pictures in your beautiful frames! We hung them down the hallway and now everyday I get to look at all the memories we have of her. This is one of my favorite spots in our house. Thanks for all your suggestions on how to hang them.”

Melanie Platts

Detroit, Michigan