Scrumptious stairway picture frame display!

Scrumptious stairway picture frame display!

Bring out your cherished photos and momentos. Create an intimate wall display with our beautiful handmade picture frames.
As designers, Daniel and I love to create beautiful wall displays with our vintage looking picture frames! When one of our friends asks us to personally design a space in their home we can’t wait to get started. One of my favorite things to do in our home is to rearrange all the furniture. It makes the house seem fresh again without having to spend a penny.
There is a funny story that goes along with this. When our oldest son Max was about twelve years old his cousins came over to take him to a baseball game. He was so excited and ran into the house to get his sneakers. Daniel and I happened to have been out front gardening. He could not find his shoes and ran back out asking me where they might be. I said to him I think they are in the den and he looked at me and said, "Mom which room is the den?" I decided I had better not move the furniture around for a while! But let me tell you, I am getting the itch this fall!
So back to the wall collage that we designed for our friend Nancy. The only thing that she told us was that she wanted all the frames in black and the amount she wanted to spend.


The first thing we did was get the dimensions of the wall space we were going to be designing. This would tell us how many frames we were going to be able to fit into the space. We then drew out on our computer program “Photo Shop” the space and started to put the various frame styles in. We created a mockup of her stairway with frames on it.
As a starting point we selected two of our large I Floral Trim Frames. They served as great anchors.
A good rule of thumb is to hang the frames following the same upward angle of your staircase.

We then built the layout around this using smaller frames and different shapes as accents. The variety in sizes and shapes creates a nice movement. Our round nostalgic frames are so much fun to throw in because they keep the arrangement playful and break up the symmetrical lines of the rectangular and square frames. I also love to put in a few of our Poetics and Ivys because they are available with mattes and they give the frame collage a great finished look. Some of the mattes have several openings so you can get more then one image in the frame. The great thing about the Obrien Schridde frames is that they all go together so nicely. Especially if you are doing them in all one color.
So once we had all the frames put into place we then printed out what we had designed and drove over to Nancy’s house.
When we got there I asked Nancy if she had any photo albums we could pull from to start personalizing the wall. She had tons of images of her family! Lots of them were in black and white and would fit nicely into the frames. There were images of her mother and father, her grandmother, her wedding and many more. Images that she cherished! It was great that we could take them out of her albums and put them onto her wall where she could appreciate the images every day. She also was going to print out images of her two boys that she would be putting in some of the frames as well.


As we were doing her wall you could see how this space was adding such warmth to her home. An empty wall now became a place that was filled with little snapshots of her life. Her stairway now took on a feeling of balance and intimacy. Every handmade frame that had her photos in it told a little story about a moment in her life.


Nancy later told us that she loves walking up and down her staircase because each time she does she feels that she is walking beside treasured pictures of the generations in her family. Nancy now owns over 30 Obrien Schridde picture frames. Her wall collage will never be finished. Since we designed it she has added a few mirrors and other momentos that she has found along her life’s journey. This is the wonderful thing about a project like this. There are no rules! Just have fun!

If you would like us to help you design a wall space in your home at no cost please email us at or call 818-848-7723.
We would love to hear from you!

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