Our Story


You'll find us in an old country cottage surrounded by a blossoming rose garden in the heart of Los Angeles. We are a husband and wife design team whose creative journey began when our individual artistic inspirations and sense of design came together. Cross our threshold and find yourself bathed in a collection of much loved, weather worn objects that reflect our appreciation for time gone by.   These objects with which we surround ourselves and the beauty of our ever exquisite English roses greatly influence our work. Our handmade picture frames are a reflection of our design sensibility, simple and elegant with a flare for the romantic. We so appreciate how many of you have chosen to include our work in your lives, whether you reside in a country cottage, a contemporary New York loft, or anything in between.   A rainy afternoon stroll in the garden, gathering of friends in the kitchen, cozy Sunday mornings enjoying fresh brewed coffee and the laughter of our children all are moments that we wish we could make stand still. Our frames were designed to help you capture these moments as well as help you celebrate the beauty that the movement of time brings to the surrounding objects in your life.

How we came about:

We met at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena in 1987. We began our professional lives together as successful commercial photographers, focusing on Fashion, Album Covers, Movie Posters and High End Advertising.   In 1994 the Northridge Earthquake disrupted our lives, which led to a new phase in our creative journey, the construction and remodeling of 15  homes in the Los Angeles area. Balancing two careers and two small boys, we then decided to make another change and combine two fields of knowledge. What could be a better adventure than using our sense of design to create timeless frames for our favorite images, to capture the magic of the past, the imperfect, and recreate pieces with this beautifully weathered look? So it began...   In 2003, the 1984 Jeep Wrangler was loaded with 50 handmade, vintage-looking frames which we designed, assembled, painted and aged for display at the Rose Bowl Swap Meet. With very young children in tow, a home-spun display and boundless enthusiasm, we hawked our wares. After a slow morning of bargain shoppers, by midday our business flourished with a fabulous following of design professionals. At the end of the day, we headed home with only one frame left, the first one we made, the prototype, which has hung in our bedroom to this day.   Our home centered business dances around the schedules of two teen-aged boys, a dog, the gardeners and family and friends. Now, after many gift shows, sales calls, concept meetings, color swatches, toils and giggles, Obrien Schridde Designs continues to grow, carrying over sixteen frame collections, available in warm and flirty colors, reflecting our philosophy that maybe you CAN make time stand still, in one way or another...