How To Crop A Photograph For A Better Composition

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There are no set rules in photography but sometimes just a little bit of tweaking can make a mediocre photograph turn into a powerful one.  Often  a photograph will lack impact because the main subject is so small in the image and gets lost by the clutter around it. By cropping tight around the subject you get the viewers undivided attention.


Lets crop into this image a bit and see what we can come up with.

blog 2 image

Now you start to notice the two individuals in the image. Her hand on his waist becomes much more important. Let's put it into one of our Vintage Frames to give it a finished look.

vintage with 8x10 image


Now let's go for a really strong impact! We are going to crop in really tight.

close up close up

See how all of a sudden the emotional impact is much stronger. You are really focusing on what they are feeling about each other. Let's try putting this one into the Museum Frame to give it a more finished look. Voila! A much more romantic piece of artwork!

museum image


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