Have Fun While Creating A Cool Stairway Picture Frame Collage

Have fun while creating the look that you want on your stairway walls.

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We thought it would be fun to show how you can decorate a stairway montage in different styles. So many of our clients get a bit intimidated whey trying to create a wall design with frames in their home and we wanted to give a few tips to make it a bit easier to do.
The montage on the left is very linear and follows the same upward angle of the staircase. We have chosen to anchor our display with large focal frames. They are all the same color, size, and style. The images in these frames that are also all the same size. We chose the Museum Line because the mattes inside the frames give the wall design a very finished look. So this is a wall design for someone looking for a very clean, simple display. Would look fabulous in a contemporary setting!

The montage on the right is a more casual design. As opposed to a central focal point we decided to divide the wall space into two. It still follows an upward angle of the staircase. The three frames on the right are more rigid in design. They line up perfectly, have the same size image in them and are all the same color. We broke up the rigidity of this wall montage by varying the size of the frames to the left as well as added another color to the design. We also thought it would be fun to use a couple different frame styles. The great thing about our frames is that all the styles work so well together! So what we created with this layout is a more casual look to the whole overall wall display. This would fit a more traditional home or a cute country cottage.

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